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Tell me if any of these sound familiar...

You get bored riding endless circles in an arena...

You wish you could ride into the sunset and never return... 

You are looking for a fun goal to work towards with your horse...

You want a tribe of fellow horseback adventurers to keep you motivated, positive and on track...

Here's the TRUTH:
Nothing builds a bond with your horse quite like riding 1,000 miles!
You don't have to be a competitive endurance rider to be able to accomplish this. 

Not just that, any horse of any age, breed, shape or size can do this. You can ride in your own time on your own schedule and take as long as it takes!

From chunky draft horses… to Arabians and Thoroughbreds! 
Me, personally? I have ridden with my husband and two horses well over 1,000 miles. We also spent two months riding across Ireland and the bond we formed during that time completely changed our herd dynamic and relationship with our mares!  
It took me a long, long time to figure this out. 

I used to think that any horse that wasn't an Arabian or endurance horse or expert trail horse couldn't ride 1,000 miles…until my husband and I found ourselves riding across Ireland on an off-the-track Thoroughbred and a 14.1 hh pony! 
It wasn’t until I stopped trying to keep up with the crowd…and really focused on just me and MY horse were we able to do such a big adventure! 

Suddenly, we were able to have grand adventures together… in fact, no matter what horse I rode, this challenge worked. 
Best Part?
We were able to form an incredible bond with our horses in a way no other competition or sport or challenge had before. 

Now, I want to help you do the same...
In this 1,000 Mile Challenge you will form an incredible bond with your horse and create unforgettable memories together! 

Step 1: Join the Challenge

Are you ready to have grand adventures and FINALLY ride into the horizon? Join the Ride 1,000 Miles Challenge and network with likeminded trail blazers! 

Step 2: Track Your Miles

Track your miles with an app on your phone and share it in the group. Explore new routes and places with your horse and create memories together.

Step 3: Follow the Riding & Training Plans

Riding 1,000 miles might take you a year. It might take you less than that. No matter where you are on your journey, we will give you the tools you need to ensure the training and riding plan suits your needs.

Step 4: Win Awesome Prizes

Share your accomplishment with the world! All finishers of the Ride 1,000 Miles Challenge will be sent awards in the mail. Everyone has the chance to also win other fabulous prizes the more you share and participate in the group.
Why do the "Ride 1,000 Mile Challenge?"
Does it even matter?
I know you love horses. You're here! But the thing we hate to admit out loud is... sometimes our rides can feel like "routines." It's easy to forget how much FUN horses are! That's what this challenge is for. It's designed to bring you and your horse closer, give you a goal to work towards and keep you entertained, laughing, smiling and most importantly... enjoying your rides!
So the simple answer is... YES! It MATTERS!

Sign up for the Ride 1,000 Miles Virtual Endurance Challenge to get these

Special Goodies!

Collect Cool Badges


All of our challenge participants will get digital badges to share with their friends on social media to keep you on track and motivated!

Completion Ribbon to ALL Challenge Finishers

(Worth $17)

All of our challenge participants will win a ribbon upon completion! Ships internationally. *Cost of shipping is not included.* 

Lifetime Access to 18 Horseback Adventure Speaker Presentations

(Worth $97)

Lifetime Access to all 18 speaker presentations and bonus presentations from our 2021 "Adventures on Horseback Virtual Workshop." Listen to inspiring talks such as, "Lady Long Rider" Bernice Ende as she dives into "How to Long Ride." Or Kelly Wilson from the "Wilson Sisters" discuss, "What Wild Horses Teach Us." 

Miles Tracker Log Book + 52 Week Training Planner

(Worth $27)

Track your miles and document your rides with our printable log book and planner!

Private Facebook Group


Stay accountable, share your videos, photos and questions and get the support, guidance and motivation you need to succeed. Make friends, get the support you crave and positive motivation from fellow equestrians on a similar path as you! 

Goal Setting Mini Course

(Worth $49)

One of the biggest reasons we don't finish our goals is not having a plan or a strategy on HOW to succeed! With this goal setting online course you can set achievable goals and empower yourself to succeed!

On the Trail Guided Audio Riding Lessons

(Worth $37)

Listen while you ride as you get you and your horse fit without having to hire a coach to ride with you or fuss with timing your rides. Simply keep pace with these fun audio lessons and get step by step instructions from an FEI II Coach! Play Simon Says on the trail, work on your trot sets and horse & rider fitness, or do our hill-work training while you follow along with the audios on your phone.

14 Episodes of the Equestrian Adventuresses Documentary Series

(Worth $29.99)

Nothing good about horses to watch on Netflix? Now you can access all 14 episodes of our two travel horseback documentary series: "Riding Across Ireland" and "Equestrian Adventuresses." You'll also get over 5 hours of bonus behind-the-scenes footage and interviews!

Fun Side Quests

($205 in Prizes!)

1,000 miles is a long way. That's why we're including fun "Side Quests" for you to do with your horse! Each side quest comes with fun Bingo Cards for you to cross off. You will also win fabulous prizes (see below) for each side quest bingo card you complete!

Here’s What You Could Win

Fill out our "SIDE QUESTS BINGO CARDS" to Win these Awesome Bonus Prizes:

Bonus PRIZE #1

($97 Retail)

The Perfect Warm Up Workshop

Dive in deep to the biomechanics and science behind how to correctly and properly warm up your horse! With fun, easy exercises to do at home on the trail or in an arena, this workshop is sure to open your eyes and bring clarity to your rides!

Bonus PRIZE #2

($97 Retail)

VIP Ticket to Our 5 Day Steady Leg Challenge

Get more balance in the saddle and a steady leg so you can stop yourself from bouncing, sitting in "chair seat" or feeling unconfident and nervous about your riding ability while out on trail. 

Bonus PRIZE #3

($29 Retail)

Equestrian Adventuresses Box Set (Books 1-5)

Read these inspiring and incredible true stories of horses, travel and adventure from exotic destinations around the globe!

Join 1,000 Mile Riders From Around the Globe!!!


This Challenge Is Like No Other

It is all about YOU and your HORSE.
It empowers you to bond with your horse unlike any other way!!! Build confidence together, have FUN and celebrate the JOURNEY.

One Time Payment

ONLY $97

Less than a dressage saddlepad...

All currencies accepted.

Your Challenge Questions Answered!

What if I can't finish the challenge on my horse I started with? 
That's ok! You can decide if you want the challenge to be YOU completing 1,000 miles (perhaps on multiple horses) or you and one horse completing the 1,000 miles. This is YOUR RIDE and YOUR JOURNEY. 
How many miles do I have to do a day? 
Ride 1 mile or 100 miles. You Ride at YOUR OWN PACE! Choose if you want to ride once a week or once a month. Either way, no matter how long or how quickly you do this challenge, everyone can finish in your own time.
What riding level do I need to be?
That's the beauty of this challenge! If you are a beginner rider... you can enjoy this! If you are an intermediate rider... you can enjoy this! And if your an experienced rider... YOU CAN ENJOY THIS! All experience levels can participate and all disciplines. Again, this is your ride and your journey. Even if you just walk one mile on a loop around your field... If it counts for you, IT COUNTS FOR US!  
Can I use more than one horse?
Yes! Do this with as many horses as you'd like.
Are there placings?
Although we have a leaderboard, all participants who complete their miles will receive an award. There will be no placings as this is entirely your journey between you and your horse. 
What can I expect? 
During the next year all our members will be sharing their photos, videos and miles to keep themselves accountable and on track to complete their miles. Whether it takes you several months, a year or more than a year, you will not lose your community of fellow 1,000 milers! 
Can I use this challenge to raise money for charity?
Yes! We encourage any one who is interested to choose a cause they love and raise awareness to their favorite charities. It is not required to do so, but a great way to combine your adventures with your horse with a charitable cause. Simply tag your favorite charities in your posts and updates during your challenge to help them gain support from your friends and family members and fellow 1,000 mile riders. 
What miles count?
Ride, carriage drive or walk with your horse. It's completely up to you how you want to do this 1,000 mile challenge! You can count all miles, even ones done in an arena, on a trail or on foot. 
Is this training only for trail riders?
No! We encourage you to do this challenge no matter where in the world you live and what is available to you. Some riders may ride in the field, others on the road or small quiet country lanes. It's not about the location or the destination, its about the journey you and your horse take. Even if its to ride them down the street to the pub to grab a pint! 
What if my horse is green? Can I still do this challenge?
Absolutely! In fact, it's essential to training a younger, inexperienced horse how to trail ride and having adventures will help them see the world and become more used to different surroundings and sights. If you have a green horse, this is a great way to form a bond. Go at you and your horse's pace. There is no pressure or hurry. It takes as long as it takes. 
How do I claim my awesome finisher prizes and awards?
Simply send us an email upon your completion! We value the honor system and will not ask for anything more than you to send us your filled out log book at the end of your journey. We will then send your fabulous prizes to you no matter where in the world you are. 
Do you ship my ribbon worldwide?
Yes. Our entry fee includes the cost of the ribbon however you must cover the shipping costs.
Can I do this ride as a team?
Yes, but each team member would need to sign up for this challenge separately in order to receive their prizes and trophies. 
Can I ride, bike, walk or jog some of these miles to finish quicker?
What does this challenge mean for you? If you want to count it as time spent with your horse, whether your riding your horse or walking with your horse or jogging beside your horse, that's entirely up to you. This is your challenge for YOU.
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